A MEMOIR of a Life of spiritual discovery

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Stories from the magic bear collection

These shelves are a new addition in 2021 to our home. The stories of the teddy bears in our home on the hill began long before these bears arrived in 2001 and this journey is now a final life goal so that a beautiful book for children can be brought to fruition. It is a…

This is my Christ-Life

When my daughter encouraged me before her early death that I should write my life story about the incredible events that sometimes impacted my life, I doubted I could. This story is my search from childhood to find God in the midst of the changing sociatal swirls of life. Shafts of Gold is therefore dedicated…

New Vision

From the past a new project and heart journey is emerging. It began a long time ago when Pete first flew into my writing life as a magic teddy in my home. Now since my Memoir Shafts of Gold has become a reality something unexpected has occurred. on the book is a link to http://www.golden-rains.com…

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