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20th APRIL,2021

I am unsure if anyone will read this as we are having trouble with technology stuff and things not working. A simple update. Writing sometimes reminds me of things so poignantly, I live again what happened. It is all real and GOD truly was and Is AWESOME in my life. I have just completed myContinue reading “20th APRIL,2021”

Supernatural God

27th March. I have come to understand as I was writing more of my former life, how hard it is for folks to comprehend the supernatural nature of God if they have not in their growing and learning and ongoing sanctification actually encountered Him in the supernatural. Thank God for all who taught in theContinue reading “Supernatural God”

UPDATE 23rd March, 2021

I think my entries here are mainly to remind myself that what I am attempting is primarily to honor the God Who was with me all my life even when I didn’t know. The first 14 chapters are a journey in a life but Chapter 15 begins what I now believe was my ‘born-again’ newContinue reading “UPDATE 23rd March, 2021”

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