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Although this year continues to have its unique difficulties. Personal health issues. Unusual weather phenomenon and this book detailing my journey to find my God TRUTH issues are still swirling. First process is successfully past. The Anchor holds and the ship still is fastened. I’m still trusting in HIM for a product to tell of HIS Grace. Also a miracle of His provision so I can share this story of His dealings with me, and what I have learned with others.

Waiting! Waiting!

Expectantly wait for my walk.

I am waiting for complete return to normal life and healing. Patience is a God Gift I am still learning.

Patience too is needed as my personal Memoir is being assessed and prepared for publication. Something as personal as SHAFTS OF GOLD this tugs at my heart strings and I do long for the process to begin as there will be many memories to surface again on the journey. (not before MAY I’m told).

2022 Why Memoir Shafts NOW?

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Why this Memoir Shafts NOW?

God’s Timing . Why is this story of my personal journey of discovery in the pipeline to be published in this year?

I was reminded this morning 24/03/2022 as I continue my latest healing journey that the Shaft of Gold I wrote about in Chapter 15 brought me on that lonely beach so long ago the KEY to ALL the life possible in this life , The world is darkening as society continues its focus on ‘Self” focus and bandaid solutions which are only temporary fixes.

Divine Presence is the whole reason for our soul’s desperate longing. There is a need for a Saviour.

He showed me. He inspired me and through the years continued to teach me and still does today.

Shafts of Gold I pray will be a legacy to encourage ‘others’ to search for more than intellectual knowledge but the Holy Spirit’s Guidance to the TRUTH in the Word.

His Presence with us on our journey but to shed His Light on the life path for others .

Lord, I thank you for your Shafts in my life. Help me Father to be able financially to be able to ‘freely’ give my personal learning to the seeking as You have freely given me. A-men



The Memoir about searching for truth in God is with the publisher. The Cover is being worked upon.

This life journey was not written to draw attention to me but is about a God I searched to find from the age of six. I knew He was more than just the stories of Jesus I was taught from the Bible but was so much BIGGER in the spiritual world than folks were prepared to talk to me about. I saw angels and knew there were spirits around not of light but it took a lifetime of living before I came to be this old lady who strongly KNEW she had to leave a record.

My story is about HIM. I never wanted to write about me . This Book will one day be a story of a life journey. He inspired SHAFTS and said Do it!

The picture above is a cliff walk challenge from a few years ago. It is my life at present recovery one step at a time.

Shafts of Gold one step at a time now also.

His Timing – His Will – His Way. SURRENDER.


Recovery this time for me is all about SURRENDER. My aged body needs to mend in its own time. I can’t make it happen. I can’t FORCE by my will faster return to routine. This is a great lesson. When we get ourselves and OUR WILL out of this tapestry of life and let God be God then His Healing Waters can flow over our lives. This applies to ALL of our current Life circumstances…..Floods, needs, lack etc. Eyes should not be focussed just on Government Helps or financial fixing of ALL Things. We as humans have needs in many areas, Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, and Physical. Financial and health and mind care experts can help fix some aspects but the WHOLE needs higher Wisdom than even the wisest and most compassionate of care folk can give. Money helps but is only a bandaid.

Loving care one to the other in gentleness and kindness is vital. Thank God for carers within families and neighbourhoods.

BUT, let’s focus people to clearly see that,

From the One on High Who really knows what DIVINE LOVE is and is THE LIGHT of the WORLD must be allowed THROUGH surrender to bring HIS healing GRACE.


LET THE HEALING WATERS FLOW FROM THE RIVER OF GOD ON HIGH. May Mercy, Peace and Hope be free to nurture all broken souls.


An Amazing week



23rd February – 2nd March 2022

A tribute of thankfulness to my SAVIOUR CHRIST that though I was alone- cut off from all visitors by Covid restrictions.  And, then a massive rain system brought about the flood more overwhelming than the 2011 flood, and  brought back powerful; reminders of my faith journey as the ‘butterfly lady’. In those tragic days.  

               HE was and IS ever CONSTANT and with me. This time I was not just frail and elderly but helpless in bed with tubes, drains and other hospital catheter and vacuum healing devices etc.

         I had sent off my Memoir Book    SHAFTS OF GOLD with all the 2011 flood stores to the publisher. Not about me but about how awesome HE is,   I had no idea then that the God Shafts of my life would have this Chapter still to be written.   Maybe it is too late. When I can. I will try to relay the extra story about HIM.

                                              Extraordinary week       

     After a cancelled surgery date I was finally able to have this considered necessary ,not life saving but life stabilising operation.   I had a right mastectomy and again found myself on the Breast Cancer Care Radar and I do thank God for those long gone who left legacies of comfort and love to others.  I am incredibly blessed and trust my Surgeon completely.   I have two beautiful new bras and an incredible pillow to cuddle which protects my wounded side hole. 

         Rain began bucketing down.      

          David became ‘cut off’ as wind and rain lashed our property to the north of Noosa Hospital., in the Gympie Hinterland. Local streams overflowed into the Mary River  which rose to heights never pre-recorded. Gympie was not just flooded but submerged in massive areas. 

          Noosa River also overflowed.   A state Emergency was declared and later as the rain depression with massive water content, violent storms, and high winds moved south and many southern towns also went under, the Prime Minister declared a National Emergency.   

         Nursing Staff and Doctors began to have safety issues as all travelling became difficult.   A few night staff chose to sleep in and not risk even a short journey home. 

          Refugee patients with carers found temporary shelter in the Hospital’s ICU.   Covid rules were stringent.  

          Mobile phones and a remote to call for help and watch TV were trapped patient’s lifelines.  

          BUT, For those who know their Saviour HE was with them as a PERSONAL GOD and prayer became indeed a Royal Telephone.   

         TV was nothing but horror and violence as Putin moved against the Ukraine population and violence filled the air waves.     No one could know my helpless feeling but the ONE Above who reached me in amazing Ways   Glory to God!  

          I turned off the TV remote.  I made a choice!     Others chose to watch flood and horror reports hour after hour.      

           God led me to pray ‘Butterfly Prayers’.   I let imagination connect with Him and prayed Hope and New Life over air ways of horror and violence and His Peace as He led.

           Personally, I was being prodded, poked, injected, given tablets, cared for in every way to make me happy and comfortable.   I missed spiritual contact but once the ‘dying to self’ process was complete in my heart and ‘surrender to His Will allowed. …………..

   I explained to night staff that I was not being a grumpy old difficult lady.  I was not happy about being forced to take sleeping tablets.  They were not needed as Panadol for pain relief was sufficient.

     As I was establishing loving contacts with nursing staff and hearing stories of their flood concerns, I discovered that on the one free Christian TV Channel, God used it to speak to me.   

         Late at night in pouring  rain, or in the early morning, if I was unable to sleep He met me in often miraculous ways with a song or even a few words of scripture or teaching. I always then went into a deep healing sleep.

             Thank You my Lord A-men

  1.       The Anchor Holds.      (A Song of comfort, a pointed   finger {no matter your situation wherever in this world you may be this is His Word for you now)              

Thank You, Lord. Your Presence and Spirit washed over me,  I slept.

  •    Bless God!         In the middle of chaos the psalmist wrote….Bless God!      I heard the words preached… In my heart I soared above,,, BLESS YOU MY GOD!
  • Your difficulties God will use to refine and define you.    Thank You Lord.
  •   Telephone to Glory Oh what Joy Divine I can feel the current moving down the line.  An instrumental piece of music……..Another night storm outside BUT……….here with me His Presence
  •    Pastor Tom Hall. His voice in my private space of total darkness with a subdued remote held in my hand he powerfully sang.


      David was safely able to collect me and although I know the path to full healing will take time day by day I give thanks for caring staff for God’s Grace and patience with a still being refined vessel.    A grumpy elderly lady who would fall over without His Strength.

            Thanksgiving and love to Him for all prayer prayed  and trust that He will restore and heal our land and the people of God will repent and LOVE and CARE will not be comprised in political correctness by pollution or distortion  of HIS WORD.  World wide repentance.     World wide healing of the souls of ALL who LOVE HIM.


Is this meant to be the final entry in this life story………Not of ongoing life but of this SHAFT journeyh of deep disc overy?


I will journey forward to make the reality of Shafts a tool for anyone to access but Now is when I most need the Godly Laser of His Wisdom to edit. Help me to KNOW what is unnecessary overwriting when the Truth of Grief is so recent but to not compromise on the Truth of WHO indeed in fullnes I discovered my Lord to be, Please let me never compromise on the miraculous and supernatural aspects of my life with Him on my personal journey. Forward With PRAYER and editing WISDOM.