2022 Necessity focusses Forward

Because of knowing a new hill of health issues, is still to be navigated in 2022, I am happy to know as well a new impetus is propelling me to keep writing, Keep believing ALL THINGS ARE IN HIS HANDS. I have been offered a chance to publish Shafts at a special price, and I believe it has to be a beautiful publication……….I am not even remotely interested in marketing or selling. If it does. Praise God! Only if it helps someone else.

I believe I have to enable it to be published in beauty of layout etc. I do not want this to be MY STORY but the story of an amazing God who answered a long ago prayer of a little girl who said ‘Show me Who You really are. ‘

2022 I am trusting from the beginning of 2022 to know I can supernaturally finance without taking from our vital ongoing necessary life requirements for us as a couple.

May His Will be done.

IS THERE Another SHAFT to be written?

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

I thought I would finish my search for GOD when I penned our journey of grief with the death of our daughter. However the new unexpected hill climb medically I need to climb in 2022 makes me wonder as once again I hold His Hand and TRUST HIM that there is more to be written – not about me – but to bring Glory to His Name and WHO He is. DO I have another Shaft of Gold to write? If not I pray what I have written already will guide others to find and follow the Saviour. He had led my life in Amazing ways. To Him alone be the Glory for ever and ever…..a-men.

I would value comments or advice.


This image impacted me when I prayed about deep spiritual stirrings and desired a free image.

I had a nightmare last night but not about my life, these memoirs, WORLD trauma, or the searing loss of our daughter but about a dog. A lonely dog!

Today I believe I had a personal revelation of how we ALL if flowing in God’s Gifts whether it be writing, music, art etc are sensitive people to the point where our creative and visionary sensitivity must be seen and acknowledged as being both glorious and potentially dangerous.

How necessary it is to have a relationship with a Divine God or we could be consumed, swallowed up like the image above Something to think about,

The dark Night of the soul is a reality but God says. WALK ON……..ONLY IN THE LIGHT, See in the morning and the Dawn.

New Hope!.

Morning deep Reflection

On this morning of Thursday 19th August.2021. I woke with a deep question in my heart and mind. Why had I written all these Chapters.? Why now I have finished the wanderings and searchings of my soul and the answers I have found. Why today again do the deep pains of the world still resonate so strongly in my mind and spirit. Yes, I release them. I have had confirmation from the 8th chapter of Romans v.18 and 19

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

For the earnest expectations of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the children of God.

Indeed no vaccine will fix it all permanently. Not politics, nothing HUMANITY can orchestrate.

Why did I feel so passionate about writing SHAFTS. I have found my deepest answers. This is simply my journey. MY DISCOVERY. ?

Chapter 28 Finished.

A Journey of learning. growing insight and profoundly DEEP SORROW. It as been written. Thanks be to Him for Strength and inspiration, and ability to continue to LIVE life fully.

The spiritual journey of 2021 has had to be written. The God Who has been with us during grief and the ongoing Coronavirus and what I now KNOW about HIM will, if He gives me the ability to express, be how Shafts of Gold will be concluded. Chapter 29 Please God I can simply express just how GREAT and inexplicable this TRINITARIAN God I have discovered on my life’s journey really is.

AWESOME GOD OF ABSOLUTE HOLINESS, Yet SPIRIT as ethereal as the very air HE puts into our lives. Prayer valued as I write on.


A note that I have only yesterday Completed Chapters 27 and 27B.

I had no idea when I began Chapter 27 that the 2020 Covid year would be for me such a spiritual journey. Thanksgiving for 50 years of marriage. The unusual blessings of Covid amid world sorrow, and the facing of the looming cloud in our personal lives.

Maybe Chapter 28 when it is completed will complete The Shafts aspect of my faith discoveries. Certainly I pray not the end of my life. As a little child there is much to still learn. For now in July 2021 I am holding on to HIM tenaciously as I listen to Him about how to complete this which I began, So many memories, so much learning and growing. I pray I can write and complete to surrender unto Him before the year ends.