Stories from the magic bear collection

These shelves are a new addition in 2021 to our home. The stories of the teddy bears in our home on the hill began long before these bears arrived in 2001 and this journey is now a final life goal so that a beautiful book for children can be brought to fruition. It is a difficult goal to achieve but if in the will of GOD it will like Shafts of Gold become a reality, I write because He inspires even through and in these stories.

This is my Christ-Life

When my daughter encouraged me before her early death that I should write my life story about the incredible events that sometimes impacted my life, I doubted I could.

This story is my search from childhood to find God in the midst of the changing sociatal swirls of life. Shafts of Gold is therefore dedicated to Alison with thanks to Almighty God for giving me the ability to put it into words.

New Vision

From the past a new project and heart journey is emerging. It began a long time ago when Pete first flew into my writing life as a magic teddy in my home. Now since my Memoir Shafts of Gold has become a reality something unexpected has occurred.

on the book is a link to where through the years I wrote of the fullness of my Christ-life and the fiction and wonder of a childlike aspect of joy there. A group of younger folk began to read my stories of the magic bears and I have been challenged to produce a full colour children’s book incorporating All the stories. It is a wonderful goal to keep this aging one travelling. However to have it professionally produced will entail a big financial as well as creative endeavour from me. $3,000 has been a wonderful offer for this to be a stunning addition to my other works. I have a dream again for this book not as material gain or to focus on me as a writer but once again to highlight the God who is L ord of ALL THINGS. I dream of being able to give books to children’s hospitals and to bequeath as my legacy the bears in the stories to a Children’s Home.

In the NEW white cupboards in which they stand and a book they would not be unappreciated when I am gone and not just viewed as ‘some old teddy bears’.

I value any comments as I embark on a new journey yet complimenting my Shafts of GOLd life story and thanking all including my awesome Saviour who continues to inspire my life.

1st November, 2022

What next? I am attempting to really improve this site but I think I will have to go on maybe an online training program. Feeling A little daunted. Perhaps I should just go with what I have although I feel this site is a bit Higgledly piggedlty. Are you visiting Ok? I would value feedback/and or advice. I have had a couple of requests about having an add on payment option so I could provide personally signed books at a good price including postage. Value any advice please. Blessings and Love.

Learning New Skills

Learning to dance. Not my dog but little Char-Lee does the same. I have been reading some information that is inspiring me that ongoing learning enhances life at any age. This latest writing endeavour Shafts of Gold is teaching me about not being hesitant about promotion of my faith or my writing. This book I pray can do both. Please have a look and tell me if you would like a copy or buy from the site.


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The intention for this book is different than for any other book I have ever written. It has history but it is not an historical novel. There are no fiction people. It is my life’s journey but I do not want the focus to be upon me. I would like folks to find the reading enjoyable but it was not written to entertain. Nor was it written to make a personal highlight or for money or gain.

It was written to share but not preach but to show how through an ordinary life and a very ordinary child a life of unexpected pathways can emerge. It is a story of the discovery of a Divine GOD who shows not just a beautiful reflection of all that is worthwhile but IS Divine LOVE, Divine PEACE. HOPE and BEAUTY. As long as rules are followed the MESSAGE of why Jesus was born and His Plan for the whole world was clarified to me in simplicity and through struggle and loss.

The address and website for the book is on line now.

Delay…Patience and Faith

Image inspired this brief blog on Shafts.

This book is so personal yet says so much about the awesomeness of the God I searched to find for myself. This book was published. There are three minor omissions of letters at beginning of words my best Friend (Jesus) My aviour My Saviour who is Lord. and a 5 instead of a 4 on a date. My fault , I read through the initial print-out and missed these. They have been rectified (I saw the little omissions when I held the book in my hand. )

Now, I will wait for full printing to continue. Please pray with me that my efforts to have this book the best it can be as a Thank You for life and my ongoing journey with faith and HOPE with HIM on it will be a reality soon.

My desire is that it be ‘out there’ in the market place but that I will be able to freely give as well to encourage others. Blessings all!

Tied Together – Life’s Bowling Balls

a little girls question
The old lady’s limited answers.

WHO is GOD? HOW Big? Is He relevant ?

Shafts of Gold now a published book has personally revealed my answers. My Prayer is that it was written inspired by HIM through a relatively insignificant life, but may be an encouragement for all who honestly keep seeking and asking.

From the BREATH of God to bring Life to dead bones as Ezekiel prophesized to the gentle nurture of the broken and bruised……this is HOW BIG the Saviour died to reveal to the world. BIGGER FAR THAN WE CAN EVER REALLY COMPREHEND.

It was only a tiny green frog.